27 June 2018

Donald Trump - Chris Matthews: Dems must do to Trump on Supreme Court what McConnell did to Obama

Julia Manchester
The Hill

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Czech Republic - Czech Government Backs Marriage Equality Bill

Samantha Manzella

Prague, Czech Republic

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civil rights - HRC Opposes Dangerous Changes to Proposed Regulation Protecting Delaware Students

Sarah McBride

early woodcut of Delaware (Nouv Suede) 

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ezs note:  Delawareans - remember, you have the to have the right to have your say. Just press DOEregulations.comment@doe.k12.de.us.

Wyoming - Local GOP endorses ban on discrimination

Frederica Kowley
Jackson Hole News & Guide

Jackson, WY

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lead story - Starbucks’ Healthcare Plan For Transgender Employees Is Now Fully Comprehensive & It’s A Game Changer

James Loke Hale

Starbucks (UK)

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