08 July 2017

Why Does Donald Trump Keep Dissing Jews?

Frank Bruni
The New York Times

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Donal Logue's Daughter Jade Is No Longer Missing and Is ''Safely Back Home''

Meg Swertlow
E News

Donal Logue

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Why Natalie Morales Coming Out As “Queer” Matters To The LGBTQ+ Community

Emma Murphy

George Takei

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Fighting for L.G.B.T. Rights in Retirement Communities

Tammy La Gorce
The New York Times

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REP. SHEILA HARRINGTON: My journey from opposing to backing transgender rights

Sheila Harrington
Sentinel & Enterprise

Rep. Sheila Harrington

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ezs note:  Thank you, Rep. Harrington, for your thoughtful piece.

Glendale, Arizona

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ezs note:  For me, it's just too damn hot.  But for those of you who prefer the climate, Glendale, Arizona may be the place you like to be!