09 November 2013

Hello! (again!)

I've been thinking about doing this feature again for some time now.  It does take awhile. But my excuse for putting it off was wiped away yesterday.  Luke Sasha Fleishman, a teenager who rides a bus, was SET ON FIRE.  I hope - if there is the slightest bit of conscience within you - that you are as repulsed and sickened by this act of evil as I was.

Please, e-write your Congressperson immediately.

San Francisco, CA  Nancy Pelosi (D)   CA12
Tempe, AZ   Kyrsten Sinema (D)   AZ9
Oklahoma City, OK   James Lankford (R)   OK5
Orange, CA   Ed Royce (R) CA39
Lenexa, KS   Kevin Yoder (R)   KS3
Plano, TX  Joe Barton (R)  TX6
Wellington, KS   Mike Pompeo (R)  KS4
El Cajon, CA   Susan Davis (D)   CA53
Hendorsonville, NC   Patrick McHenry (R)   NC10
San Diego, CA   Scott Peters (D)  CA52

If you live in one of the towns or cities shown above,  simply press the name shown, and you will be transported to the Congressperson's website.  Otherwise, go to www.house.gov and enter your ZIP code.  If you live in a particularly large city, or you  live in an area in which two districts border one another, it might be wise to enter the ZIP +4 code.  (example: 12345-6789) You can find the last four numbers on your water or utility bill. Thanks.

Lenexa, Kansas

Credit: http://www.kansastravel.org/