29 March 2013

Now's the time!!!

I remember the two cases very well.

In the first one, Gore vs. Bush, the nation was deeply divided. Two attorneys, David Boies and Theodore Olson, went into battle with swords drawn.  In the end, George W. Bush won.

Thirteen years later, another case, United States of America vs. Windsor, was about to be waged.  Once more, the attorneys waged battle.  After it was over, the attorneys came out to speak.

But this was different - very different. David Boies and Theodore Olson were on the same side.

First it was the last two presidents and vice presidents.  Then the two attorneys who were against each other so often, yet they come together for this seminal case.

Let your representatives know the tide - finally - is turning.  Let them know that you believe that marriage is equal, whether same sex or opposite sex.

You can do this!

Piscataway, New Jersey - Frank Pallone Jr. (D) - NJ6
Austin, Texas - Lamar Smith (R) - TX21