31 March 2018

Donald Trump - Trump lashes out after California Gov. Jerry Brown pardons 5 immigrants under threat of deportation

Jennifer Hansler

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Malawi - Chief declares Nkhatabay free LGBTI zone

Luke Bisani
Malawi 24

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ezs note:  When it comes to choosing Donald Trump or Senior Chief Mkumbira, I'll take the chief, anywhere, anytime. Got a room in the White House for you.  Rent's free. (but the blubber must be removed)

civil rights- Top Justice Dept lawyer leaving for LGBT rights group

Jacqueline Thomsen
The Hill

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Michigan - Author discusses intersection between race and transgender identities

Rachel Cunningham
The Michigan Daily

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

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Summit County’s SWAT leader to be first transgender woman sent to prestigious FBI National Academy

Jack Queen
The Denver Post

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Miami, Florida

estimated transgender population:  2631*
(rounded up)

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ezs note:  Miami, Florida! Home of the Dolphins!  Home of the Marlins! Where, considering where they came from, the Panthers are just too damn hot!  Anyways, if you like the warmer weather, Miami may be the place for you!