24 June 2017

The Kremlin's Election Meddling Is Paying Off

Neera Tanden
The Atlantic

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Activists in Turkey vow to march in defiance of ban on Istanbul Pride (UK)

Belfast Telegraph

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Dozens of Serbia gays say election of gay PM to be historic

Ravalli Republic

Serbian flag

Credit:  https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/f/ff/Flag_of_Serbia.svg/2000px-Flag_of_Serbia.svg.png

Liberty to have a float in New York pride parade

USA Today

Credit:  https://www.fideliscare.org/Portals/0/NyLibertyFidelisCareLogos1.jpg

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ezs note:  Especially if you live in lower New York, eastern Pennsylvania, western Massachusetts, Connecticut, or New Jersey, make it a point to come on down!

Pakistan just issued its first passport with a transgender category

Lindsay Maizland / lindsay.maizland@vox.com

Credit:  https://c.tribune.com.pk/2016/11/1242652-transgender-1479963140-164-160x120.jpg

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ezs note:  I know, I know, this country has got its problems.  But in this one particular area, Pakistan - freakin'  Pakistan - has outdone the United States!!!

Thank you, 'President' Nitwit.

Grantsville, Utah

ezs note:  Now let's move on to Grantsville, Utah, just a hop, skip, and a jump from Salt Lake City!