19 February 2011

Why you should make some - or a lot - of noise

It's happening. But geez, it's not loud enough.  I'm talking about bullying/cyberbullying of
transgender people.  Please, I beg you, do what it takes to END the violence.  Anytime someone
does this crap, let your voice be heard.  US Representatives, US Senators, State house and
senators, governors, state or city board of ed - all need to hear our voices. Thank you.

Musical 'Hedwig and the Angry Itch' to rock the stage ( Amarillo)

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Sister solidarity (The Star {Malaysia})

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Another version of anti-discrimination ordinance proposed in Abington (Montgomery News)

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Citizens line up to testify for rights (Helenair)

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Transworld Prejudice (Canyon News)

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On Oprah, Transgender Supermodel Talks About Agony Over Sex Change (Gayapolis)

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