30 September 2020

New Jersey - Jane Fee Award will honor the memory of Barbara “Babs” Siperstein


Out In Jersey

Jersey City, NJ

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lead story - Another transgender woman fatally shot in Puerto Rico – the 6th killing of a trans person this year in the U.S. territory

Muri Assunção

Daily News

San Germán, PR

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ezs note:  To all those in Puerto Rico - and in particular those in San Germán - if you have my information about the murder of Michelle Ramos Vargas, please contact the San Germán police department or  the state police department. Thanks. 

Nota de ezs: A todos los de Puerto Rico, y en particular a los de San Germán, si tienen mi información sobre el asesinato de Michelle Ramos Vargas, comuníquese con el departamento de policía de San Germán o el departamento de policía estatal. Gracias.

Donald Trump - Romney calls first Trump-Biden debate 'an embarrassment'

 Alexander Bolton

The Hill

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