22 April 2019

civil rights - Nintendo Bans Trans Flag From Smash Bros.’ Stage Builder, Calling It a “Political Statement”

Vivian Kane
The Mary Sue

Kyoto, Japan (main office)

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Wyoming - How The Trump Administration's Transgender Troop Ban Is Affecting One Military Family

Lauren Hodges, Ailsa Chang
Wyoming Public Media

Cheyenne, WY

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lead story - Supreme Court to hear cases on sexual orientation, transgender status in the workplace

Steve Goldstein

Supreme Court (original)


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20 April 2019

civil rights - Transgender bathrooms, locker rooms: The debate in central Pennsylvania, explained

Michigan - Michigan Gym Loses Appeal In Suit Over Transgender Woman In Locker Room

lead story - Trump’s transgender military service ban is based in ‘prejudice and bigotry’

Erwin Chemerinsky
The Sacramento Bee

Sacramento, CA

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19 April 2019

Donald Trump - Warren calls on House to begin impeachment proceedings against Trump

Rebecca Shabad
NBC News

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Myanmar - Toilets with threatening auras

Nyo Ma
Myanmar Times

Naypyidaw, Myanmar

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civil rights - Queer-owned consulting firm wants to help your workplace support transgender employees

Caitlin Whyte

Rochester, NY

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Kentucky - Kentucky BBQ truck grilled for changing 'LGBTQ' meaning on Trump T-shirts

Lucas Aulbach

Williamstown, KY

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lead story - Charlize Theron confirms daughter Jackson is transgender

Francesca Bacardi
Page Six

Charlize Theron

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17 April 2019

Donald Trump - Stephen Colbert Applauds France’s Response To Donald Trump’s Notre Dame Cathedral Fire Fighting Advice

Brazil - A Transgender Volleyball Star Stirs ‘Unfounded’ Criticism In Brazil

Andrêa Martinelli

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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civil rights - Illinois parents drop lawsuit challenging transgender bathroom access


Oh, shazam...

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ezs note:  It's nice that the parents had the sense to drop the suit.  It would have been nicer if they had put it in the trash to begin with...

Kentucky - Bowling Green rejects anti-discrimination ordinance protecting LGBTQ residents

lead story - The biggest thing critics continually get wrong about transgender athletes competing in women's sports

16 April 2019

civil rights - Examining Transgender Civil Rights

New York - Five harsh facts of transgender life in New York City

Zach Williams
New York Nonprofit Media

New York City, NY
Rockefeller Center

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lead story - Man was offered $200 to beat transgender woman: cops

Joshua Rhett Miller
New York Post

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Aftermath of Notre-Dame (VIDEO)

Credit:  ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohqojil0yo8

14 April 2019

Donald Trump - Could Bernie Sanders really be elected president? There's a narrow but plausible pathway

Matthew Rozsa

ezs note:  Sure, Bernie's a bit of a longshot... but Trump does something colossally stupid every... single... day.  I have great faith in his oafishness. 

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Zimbabwe - LEAD Reclaims People’s Revolution


Harare, Zimbabwe

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ezs note:  Things may be too early to tell... but it looks like life will be a little better...

civil rights - Transgender Rights Activist Sarah McBride to Give Talk at Rutgers–Camden

Stefanie Charles
Rutgers-Camden News Now

Camden, NJ
Rutgers-Camden University

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Virginia - Transgender Bathrooms: A Local Matter?

Dan Brendel
Alexandria Gazette-Packet

Alexandria, VA

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lead story - Police determining if assault on transgender woman a hate crime

12 April 2019

Paraguay - Paraguay's LGBT community feels outcast amid conservative shift: 'We are forgotten'

Daniela Desantis

Asuncíon, Paraguay

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Alexandra Hutzler

'Secretary' of Education Betsy DeVos

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Maryland - Baltimore City schools board passes policy protecting transgender students

Colin Campbell
The Baltimore Sun

Baltimore, MD

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lead story - Stop pretending the transgender ban isn’t a ban

11 April 2019

Donald Trump - Trump’s sister quietly retired in February, and it’s actually a really big deal

Matthew Yglesias

Maryanne Trump Barry

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Italy - WCF Verona: Where the 'Wind of Change' Marked a Sea Change in Hate Group's Strategy

Southern Poverty Law Center

Verona, Italy

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civil rights - Attorneys: Honduran transgender migrant unlawfully detained

San Francisco Chronicle

Albuquerque, NM

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New Hampshire - HB 446: Allow trans, non-binary people to correct birth records

Palana Belken

Dover, NH

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lead story - Trump’s Transgender Ban Brings Chaos and ‘a Lot of Fear’ to Troops’ Families

Samantha Allen
Daily Beast

San Antonio, TX

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10 April 2019

LIVE - Donald Trump's brain!

Donald Trump - Trump’s ‘truly bizarre’ visit to Mt. Vernon

Eliana Johnson, Daniel Lippman


ezs note:  Can Connecticut go to another country?  Please? We'll be good...

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Cuba - Cuba begins distributing PrEP through pilot program

Michael K. Lavers
Washington Blade

Havana, Cuba

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civil rights - DeVos defends controversial guidance on transgender students

Avery Anapol
The Hill

please press:  thehill.com

Rhode Island - Vella-Wilkinson bill would extend benefits to gay, transgender veterans without honorable discharges

lead story - 'Very Important Precedent:' Russian Court Rules Transgender Woman Was Fired Illegally


St. Petersburg, Russia

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ezs note:  In North America and Western Europe, this is somewhat routine, but in Russia this is HUGE. Congratulations, Ms. Grigoryeva!

09 April 2019

Brunei - Brunei’s death by stoning, anti-LGBTQ law sparks outrage, boycotts

Lucy Martirosyan

The Stoning Of An Adulteress
Abu'l Hassan Ghaffari (abt. 1853-1857)

please press:  www.pri.org

ezs note:  If you have any heart at all, you'll email http://www.bruneiembassy.org/contact-us.html and contact the Ambassador and send a polite but FIRM message.  If you have no heart, please pick one up on the way out.

civil rights - HRC Legal Director Sarah Warbelow to Testify at Congressional Hearing on the Bipartisan Equality Act

Maryland - Md. House Speaker Michael Busch dies

James Wellemeyer
Washington Blade

Annapolis, MD

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ezs note:  Maryland, we mourn with you...

lead story - Trump’s Transgender Troop Ban Marks the Dark Return of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’

Samantha Allen
Daily Beast

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