31 July 2020

Donald Trump - Trump's trashing of democracy will have consequences far beyond America

What I believe...

ezs note:  I've given this some thought - no, a great deal of thought - but I've given a great deal of respect and admiration to Baha'u'llah (1817-1892).  I'll be ending this with a quote of Baha'u'llah, as well as His son, Abdu'l Baha, as well as Shoghi Effendi (among others).  If you wish to peruse the Writings more thoroughly, you can see http://bahai-library.com/. (Baha'i Library Online) 

It behoveth thee to consecrate
 thyself to the Will of God.
 Whatsoever hath been revealed
 in His Tablets is but a reflection of
 His Will. So complete must be thy 
consecration, that every trace of worldly
 desire will be washed from thine heart.
 This is the meaning of true unity.