17 September 2019

Chile - From Catalina to Alexis: Chilean teen first to legally change gender

civil rights - ACLU, Mercy San Juan will square off in San Francisco court over transgender rights

Cathie Anderson
The Sacramento Bee

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Vermont - Is a Vermont nurse the new Kim Davis?

Bonnie Kristian
The Week

Nurse Ratched, nurse-in-chief

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ezs note:  Um, yeaaaah...  forgive me if I don't break out the violin, but this nurse is truly dense.  I think you only need to take a gander at the title, 'University of Vermont Medical Center'.  This means we treat all comers who have a medical need, within the laws of the state of Vermont.  We ain't choosy.  Despite what Ms. Kristian says in her article,  a Gordian knot this ain't. 

lead story - 3 Transgender Women Thrown Out Of Downtown LA Bar Speak Out

CBS Los Angeles

Woodland Hills, CA
(section of Los Angeles)

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Donald Trump - Trump Cringingly Courts Latino Vote: “Who Do You Like More, the Country or the Hispanics?”

Elliot Hannon

ezs note:  Oh, Donald, you devil...
(no, I really mean it, 'you devil'.)