27 April 2017

The Simpsons spoof Donald Trump’s 100 days in office (Australia)

Mathew Murphy
The West Australian

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Three dozen House Democrats urge Senate to reject Trump's pick for Army secretary

Michael Collins
USA Today

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ezs note:  YOU can make the difference in rejecting Mark Green for Army secretary. Call the two Senators (remember, there are two from every state) and let him/her know that you are AGAINST the nomination.   If you are a retired or active servicemember, it's  that much better.  Contact www.senate.gov to get further information.

100 DAYS: HRC Launches Timeline of Trump’s Unprecedented Attacks on LGBTQ Community

Aaron Rodriguez

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The MPAA Has Finally Granted Elle Fanning’s Transgender Teen Drama a PG-13 Rating

Katie Kilkenny

Pacific Standard

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Why Trans People Have a Constitutional Right to Change Their Birth Certificates

Scott Skinner-Thompson

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