30 April 2018

Donald Trump - The 57 most outlandish, outrageous and offensive lines from Trump's Michigan rally

Chris Cillizza

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Brazil - Out and Equal attends LGBT tourism, diversity conference in Brazil

Felipe Alface
Washington Blade

São Paulo, Brazil

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civil rights - Police have a 'very strong' lead in killing of transgender SC woman

Teddy Kulmala
The State

Your friendly police officers

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ezs note:  According to the latest reports, leads are very close, but especially if you live in Chesterfield County SC, you can help.  Call the police department at 843-623-2101 with any tips.  Thanks.

Iowa - Christian Group Attacks 4-H For Making LGBT Youth Feel Welcome

Lamar Dawson

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lead story - Top enlisted sailor says he’s ‘honored’ and ‘blessed’ to serve with transgender troops

Marcus Fichtl
Stars & Stripes

Chinhae Naval Base

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