25 January 2015

‘Born a woman, but always been a man’ (Malaysia)

The Rakyat Post

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Army general says he is planning to come out: 'I'm gay, and plan to fight military homophobia' (UK)

The independent

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Battling infection: AIDS patients urged to register for treatment (Pakistan)

Tariq Ismaeel
The Express Tribune

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ezs note: If you haven't been tested yet -- get tested now!!

UKIP General Secretary: If you love shemales, come to the UK (UK)

The Pink News

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ezs note:  Oh, joy.  If you live in the UK, the next time voting comes around, vote AGAINST the UKIP candidate.  I don't care if it's Labour or Conservative -- it's the one area where both parties find the UKIP equally reprehensible.

Transgender man has private audience with Pope Francis

Michael K. Lavers
The Blade

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