13 June 2017

Warriors consider snubbing US President Donald Trump (Australia)

Tyson Otto

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A Trans Teen Explains Why He Took His School to Court (and Won)

Mark Joseph Stern

Kenosha, WI

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RI ACLU asks schools to create policies protecting transgender students

Linda Borg
Providence Journal

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American Medical Association Adopts Resolutions Opposing Policies that Harm Transgender People

Sarah McBride

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Group pushing to end Washington state transgender bathroom rule gets $50,000 boost

Nina Shapiro
The Seattle Times

Washington state

Credit:  http://www.commerce.wa.gov/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/business-services-economic-partnerships1.jpg

ezs note:  people of Washington state - if you are transgender, or have a friend, relative, or loved one who is, YOU can stop this idiotic bill.  If you have a little money, make a donation.  Talk to your friends and neighbors.  Write or e-write letters to the editor.  If you have a little talent (or even if you don't) produce something for the local public TV station.  Do something I haven't thought of (yet💆).  Whatever you do, DO IT!

Donald Trump, psychotic

Credit:  http://www.cartoonaday.com/images/cartoons/2015/12/donald-trump-presidential-clown-cartoon-598.jpg

ezs note:  If you (still) don't believe me, read THIS.