08 September 2017

Donald Trump and I are opposites — he doesn't work: Sen. Al Franken

John Harwood

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Fliers distributed throughout Grass Lake opposing transgender bathroom rule

Andrew Surma

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ezs note:  Wowwwww... have you ever noticed that, in a few short decades, 'intermingling of the races' turned into 'intermingling of the sexes' with the change of ONE word?

'Grass Lake resident', you may wish to reconsider your wording.  So you don't sound like a complete asshole. 

Marriage Could Offer More Protections to Transgender Couples

Kimberly Lawson

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Transgender woman’s death highlights toll of violence and community distrust of police

Willis Ryder Arnold
St. Louis Public Radio

A Christian Group Is Paying For Transgender People's Surgeries To Atone For The Church's Discrimination

Kimberley Truong
Refinery 29

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