20 January 2020

Malaysia/UK - Kamila, the award-winning transgender doc

Mariam Mokhtar

Ipoh, Malaysia

please press:  www.malaysiakini.com

civil rights - Judge: Referring to transgender people by chosen pronouns 'courtesy,' not law

Alicia Cohn
The Hill

Baton Rouge, LA

please press:  thehill.com

ezs note:  Even if there is only one reason to dump Donald Trump (and trust me, there are many, many more) lifetime appointments are definitely one.  Even if you live in a small town, every bit helps in removing this monster from our society.

Vermont - Former gubernatorial candidate and political activist announces run for Lt. Governor

lead story - Transgender woman ends bid to see her ultra-Orthodox Jewish children

Donald Trump - President Trump made 16,241 false or misleading claims in his first three years

Glenn Kessler, Salvador Rizzo, Meg Kelly
The Washington Post

ezs note:  Pinocchio doesn't even come close.

please press:  www.washingtonpost.com

ezs note 2:  It's a little dated, but the Toronto Star did an excellent piece as well.  Trump is printed verbatim, as well as a correction.  You can find it here . It's a gargantuan piece, but I think you'll enjoy it.