13 June 2018

Donald Trump - Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen likely to cooperate as his attorneys leave case, sources say

George Stephanopoulos

Michael Cohen (on right - and down)

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Lebanon - Beirut Pride Was Forcibly Canceled. Lebanon’s LGBTQ Community Remains Undeterred.

Trey Strange

Beirut, Lebanon

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civil rights - HRC Statement on American Medical Association Endorsement of Two LGBTQ-Inclusive Policies

Nick Morrow

HRC building, Washington DC

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Nevada - CCSD to hold public meeting on policy to address needs of transgender students

Philip Moyer
3 News (NBC)

Clark County, NV

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lead story - 120 House Democrats hit ‘flawed’ science in Pentagon’s plan limiting transgender people in military

Joe Davidson
The Washington Post

Rep. Joe Kennedy (D-MA)

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