01 October 2020

world - New Report Shows Where It’s Illegal To Be Transgender In 2020

Jamie Wareham


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ezs note:  The Trans Legal Mapping Report is one of the most important documents of its kind.  Whether you live in Russia or Andorra, it has something of value for you.  To read the complete document, see here .

New Mexico - Local actress opens up about pandemic, social justice movement impact on film

 Brandon Evans


Albuquerque, NM

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lead story - Philadelphia man arrested in death of transgender woman



Philadelphia, PA

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ezs note:  Although police have arrested Abdullah Ibn El-Amin Jaamia, they still can use your help.  If you have any additional information, please call 215-686-TIPS.  Thanks.

Donald Trump - Anyone Else Want to See Trump ‘Shut Up’?

 Gail Collins

The New York Times

Trump, in a calmer mood

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