11 December 2010

Gays make up 40% of Hollywood homeless youth, survey finds (LA Times)

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Couple wanted for killing and dismembering man at LA hotel arrested (LA Times)

ezs note:  I'm certainly glad that the two trolls have been taken into custody.  If you have any further evidence, please bring it to the LAPD.  The more, the better, folks.
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LGBT building named after Cyndi Lauper's True Colors song (Perez Hilton)

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An outstanding, seminal work

Yeah, I know.  "Seminal" is a word used far, far, too commonly.  But for this blog, I will say it with enthusiasm.

"Emily's virtual rocket" is a good work, but by its very nature, I'm aware of its limits.  Even those who do the same work as I do, are usually better than I am, because of the hunt-n-peck method for my typing.The only advantage I have is LOTS of hard, diligent  work.

"A Gender Variance Who's Who" puts all of us to shame.  If it weren't the case that "Emily's..." mainly deals with the present, and "Gender Variance..." with  the much broader past, I'd work on selling icicles.

Kudos to you, Zagria. If you'd like to see her work, please press "An outstanding, seminal work" above, in blue. Thanks.