16 January 2018

Donald Trump - Golf, three TVs and Big Macs in bed: my week in the life of Donald Trump

Adam Gabbatt
The Guardian

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Pakistan - Pakistan's Transgender Women, Long Marginalized, Mobilize For Rights

Diaa Hadid

scene in Pakistan

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Top statehouse Republican’s bill resurfaces controversy over LGBT advocate’s appointment by Colorado governor

Jesse Paul
The Denver Post

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ezs note:  Colorado's 2nd State Senate district - granted, it's a long way off, but if you have a strong LGBTQ credential, have a good rapport with people (whether they agree or disagree with you), and, preferably, have a spot on a city or town council, perhaps it'll be time to take away Kevin Grantham's seat in the Senate.  In case you didn't know, he went to, ahem, 'school' at Liberty University, of airhead Jerry Falwell's starting.

Yeah, that's who you've got representing you in the 2nd District.  You can do better.

As I See It: Launching fight to preserve transgender rights in Massachusetts

Mason Dunn

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Trump Admin To Transgender Kids: We Won’t Deal With Your Civil Rights Complaints

Rebecca Klein


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