19 March 2021

archive - 28 de junho, um dia de Luta - August 1980


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New York - NYPD cop shoved, hurled slurs at trans woman being harassed: lawsuit

Priscilla DeGregory

New York Post

Tompkins Square Park
New York City, NY

please press:  https://nypost.com

lead story - Transgender bathroom ‘sign’ bill being amended, not pulled from consideration

Gerald Harris


Antioch, TN (part of Nashville)

please press:  https://www.wkrn.com

Joe Biden - Biden urges Congress to pass hate crime legislation in response to violence against Asian Americans

Hannah Miao



please press:  www.cnbc.com

ezs note:  Please call your Representative and two Senators (remember, you have two) and ask them to pass the Hate Crimes Bill for Asian-Americans. These are your friends and neighbors!!!