14 August 2018

Donald Trump - The Church of Trump

Alex Wagner
The Atlantic

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ezs note:  In some places around this country, Trump is some sort of demigod.  But there's something you can do - register to vote!!! (and get your like-minded friends to register as well)

Russia - Russian filmmaker defies government to shoot rare LGBT feature

Martin Blaney

Outlaw (film)

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civil rights - After Facebook posts threaten 12-year-old transgender girl, Oklahoma school district cancels classes

Grand Forks Herald

Achille, OK

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ezs note:  Although this was entered two days ago, the Washington Post article (picked up by the Grand Forks Herald) is much more complete.

Alabama - State ID law causing problems for Alabama transgender woman


Birmingham, AL

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lead story - Man accused of shooting transgender woman at Detroit gas station bound over for trial

Nick Monacelli

Detroit, MI

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ezs note:  If you are the one who tipped the police, thank you!