26 June 2014

Mamet fails to grasp essence of theatre, objects to transgender role (Canada)


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Meyer Memorial Trust, Sexual Assault Services Program fund The Harbor


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ezs note:  Please, if you or someone you know is being assaulted, get help RIGHT AWAY! 

The Top 175 Essential Films of All Time for LGBT Viewers


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ezs  note: Here's a hint for you - I LOVE movies!  Great movies, so-so movies, even stinkers - I love 'em all!  This blog contains 175 of the greatest LGBT movies of all time. Yeah, you'll grouse over a few  that made it and a few that didn't, but, hell, that's half the fun of lists!  My personal favorite was Ma Vie En Rose (My Life In Pink), starring Georges  DuFresne. Please - give this list a look!

5 Ways DOMA’s Demise Changed the Finances of Same-Sex Married Couples (Mine Included)

Stuart Armstrong II

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