08 April 2017

Do you have EVIDENCE on Trump and/or friends?

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ezs note:  Okay - I know it's a long shot - really long - but if you have solid - rock solid - couldn't-cut-it-with-a-diamond solid evidence, then you should look over Strongbox.  Do not contact me.  This is between you and Strongbox - no one else.

Trump just made it legal to shoot bears while they’re hibernating (UK)

Ashitha Nagesh

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Michele Bachmann: Trump's Election Is A Divine 'Reprieve' From Transgender Rights

Carlos Santoscoy
On Top

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Hannah Is a Girl. Doctors Finally Treat Her Like One.

Jack Turban
The New York Times

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Judge compares transgender teen Gavin Grimm to civil rights icons

Alanna Durkin Richer
LGBTQ Nation

Rosa Parks (1955)

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This Law Firm Is Linked to Anti-Transgender Bathroom Bills Across the Country

Mary Emily O'Hara
NBC News

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Ripon, UK

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