16 May 2013

The UN takes the lead

Just askin' - what country or state do you live in?  If you live in any of the six New England states, New York, Delaware, or one of the particularly liberal countries (France in particular) then you can relax.  Life's pretty darn good there.  Y'all can relax.

But what if you lived in Mali?

Or Russia?

Or Iran?

Or Mississippi?

Fortunately for all of us (and I do mean all of us - worldwide) the UN is taking a bold stand.  Not the kind where you snap your fingers and have everything all better, but the UN is a powerful force for good.  I know, sometimes it seems you are pushing a very heavy rock up a very steep hill, but be assured that things will be better.  Recently in Guatemala, a former president was put on trial for genocide.  Guatemalans were understandably skeptical.

But he was convicted!

We can reform our laws.  We can live in a civil society.  The UN, despite its occasional foibles, in many cases is the only force for freedom in an uncivil society.  Gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders need to be supportive of the UN.
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