15 September 2017

The Loneliest President

Michael Kruse

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ezs note:  Michael Kruse's article is fairly long, but there is a piece, very short, that says it all:

"You remind me of Howard Hughes," a friend told him.

"Thanks," Trump said.  "I admire him."

Ahem...THAT says it all.

Parents’ Coalition speaks against Decatur Schools transgender policies during meeting

Gabriel Owens

A member of Parents' Coalition speaks forth

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John McCain is co-sponsoring a new bill to block Trump transgender military ban

Travis J. Tritten
Washington Examiner

John McCain (R-AZ)

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Judge: Calling Someone Trans Isn’t Defamatory Because There’s Nothing Wrong With Being Trans

Anthony Michael Kreis

Kent College of Law
(Chicago, IL)

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20 transgender people have been killed this year

Casey Quinlan
Think Progress

Derricka Banner

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