29 January 2018

Donald Trump - Trump’s gripes against McCabe included wife’s politics, Comey’s ride home

Carol E. Lee
NBC News

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Poland - OUT: LGBTQ Poland by Maciek Nabrdalik review – Poles apart

Sean O'Hagan
The Guardian

Under Betsy DeVos, the Department of Education leaves transgender protections up to the schools

Grace Nash

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ezs note:  This is a very important document. Muckrock e-mailed all 50 Departments of Education and requested under Freedom of Information acts what states were doing - or not doing - for these transgender students regarding their rights. Please stay informed!!

Washington state - End gay conversion therapy in Washington

News Tribune editorial board
The News Tribune

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Indonesia: Transgender women in Aceh detained by police

BBC News

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(video) David Cay Johnston - It's Even Worse Than You Think - Politics And Prose

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