08 September 2010

Montana Tea Party axed over comments concerning hanging of homosexuals (Huffington Post)

The president of Montana's Big Sky Tea Party Association has been fired from his leadership position following remarks made online that implied his support for the public hanging of homosexuals. (more above)

Pride parade turns political (CBC [Canada])

The weather may have been cool and wet, but the annual Calgary Pride parade managed to generate some political heat. (more above)

The androgynous trend continues (Black Book Magazine)

With boys dressing like girls and girls dressing like boys, there's no stopping androgyny this fall. (more above)

Ah hua or Aqua? {Ah Hua = derogatory term} (Asia Times [Singapore])

THE Ah Kua Show? Oh, you mean the Aqua Show. (more above)

I'd always hated my facial hair (The Guardian [UK])

Having changed my name, I considered what else could be done while I waited for my first Gender Identity Clinic appointment. (more above)

Why bathrooms are a civil rights issue (Huffington Post)

Although it is not frequently acknowledged, bathrooms have been contested civil rights sites for several decades now. (more above)

Egyptian transsexual battles to become a doctor (Monsters and Critics)

Cairo - Sally Abdullah Mursi walks into a room with an air of confidence, clutching a leather handbag in one hand and holding a pink mobile telephone in the other.(more above)