25 March 2014


The gift of sympathy... is a charming faculty, but one often abused by those who are conscious of its possession, for there is something ghoulish in the avidity with they will pounce upon the misfortune of their friends so that they may exercise their dexterity.  It gushes forth like an oil-well, and the sympathetic pour out their sympathy with an abandon that is sometimes embarrassing to their victims.

     - W. Somerset Maugham

'To Quote A Queer"

Foes of transgender rights law revive ballot fight


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Carl Sciortino New Executive Director of AIDS Action


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RTÉ receives 24 complaints over transgender character in new sitcom ‘The Centre’ (Ireland)


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Md. House committee advances transgender rights bill


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Betty White & HOT IN CLEVELAND Cast, Sean Hayes & More Set for Celebration Theatre's 31st Benefit, 4/27


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