08 November 2010


Upon further investigation, I've found that Premarin is far too dangerous  to be used under any circumstances.  This "medicine" is far too dangerous.  It's loaded with unwanted side effects. You could have a stroke.  You could die.

If any doctor tries to prescribe Premarin to you, it's a definite sign that your doctor doesn't care shit about you, no matter how kind and caring he/she seems.  Note: Premarin is a "naturally" occurring substance.  Synthetically occurring ones are different.  However, you should still wait a week before taking any drug which changes your composition.  Physician's Desk Reference is the most exhaustive tome, but unless you're a physician yourself, it can be quite maddening. Harvard University puts out a more user-friendly book. 

No drug, no matter how beneficial, can be taken with absolutely no side effects.  It just is not done.  Any "doctor" who claims a "miracle cure" is a quack, a fraud, and should be expelled from the medical community.  Just weigh the benefits vs. the risks,  and if you have any questions, no matter how trivial they seem, ask them. It takes a bit longer, but you'll be happier.