01 March 2017

Donald Trump, pseudo-president: Media embraces his latest “pivot” like the proverbial drunk under a streetlight

Chauncey DeVega

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Transgender-friendly toilets planned for 2020 Olympics in Tokyo

Bryan Armen Graham
The Guardian

Tokyo, Japan

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NOPD seeking 'vehicle of interest' in transgender woman's stabbing death

Jed Lipinski
The Times-Picayune

Chyna Gibson

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ezs note:  New Orleans police caught a break by capturing a picture of the vehicle involved in the killing of Chyna Gibson.  However, the person remains at large.  Please, look at the car carefully.  It's a black sedan, (possibly a Camaro).  It's hard to tell from the angle, but the car might have tinted windows.  If you see it, please call the New Orleans Police Department at 504-658-5300. C'mon, let's put this vermin behind bars!

Loretta Lynch talks transgender rights with ‘VICE’

Joe Concha
The Hill

Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch

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Madrid officials impound bus with anti-transgender message (Canada)

680 News

Madrid, Spain

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