29 October 2013

On November 5, GET OUT AND VOTE!!!


In Royal Oak, Michigan, they'll be having a little vote.  You know, on such minuscule matters as whether two men or two women  want to be able to hold hands in a restaurant.  Or a transgender is able get the house or apartment she/he wants.  You know, little things like that.

In Royal Oak and 27 towns in Michigan alone, similar initiatives will be on the ballot.  Even if there is no initiative, there is the office of mayor, city or state council, board of education, judge of probate, among others.  And it doesn't matter whether you are reading this in New York City or Lenexa, Kansas - you have the best chance of making a real difference.

So on Tuesday, November 5, get out there and freakin' vote!!

Royal Oak to vote on human rights initiative


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Rachel Dissell

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