26 November 2019

*** SPECIAL *** - Trump met with ex-Clinton pollster Mark Penn to discuss impeachment

Jeremy Diamond

(oh, gawd, I hope so!)

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Wyoming - Wyoming Hate Watch shines needed spotlight on bigotry

Kerry Drake

Casper, WY

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ezs note: Wyomingites - Today, I picked up on a very worthy guy, one who uses his computer to find out various types of cretin.  Then he shines the light on them. HARD.  Please go to Wyoming Hate Watch if you see racism, sexism or any type of foul deed.  Thanks.

lead story - Scarlett Johansson says she 'mishandled' controversy over transgender role in 'Rub & Tug'

Donald Trump - What the latest impeachment polls really tell us

Jennifer Rubin
The Washington Post

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