29 October 2019

lead story - Meghan Murphy: Canadian feminist's transgender talk stirs uproar

BBC News

Toronto, ON

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ezs note:  How do we deal with Ms. Murphy?  Well, we can write a letter to the editor.  We can organize a counter-discussion.  If we live in or near Toronto, we can hand out leaflets out to possible patrons which point out respectful but critical points that Murphy might not have thought of.  But, fer gosh's sake, don't try to muzzle Murphy.  For one thing, I believe in free speech.  For another, you're just providing Murphy a megaphone.  I understand it's upsetting, but take the intelligent, thoughtful course.

Donald Trump - The latest on the Trump impeachment inquiry

Meg Wagner, Sheena McKenzie, Veronica Rocha

US Capitol, interior

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ezs note:  As always, this is a fast-moving story.  If you're going to be on for a while, please check back again.  

"LOCK HIM UP!!!" (video)