23 March 2014


I'm pretty puritanical.  I never buy pot, though I take it if someone offers it to me.

     - Kathy Acker

'To Quote A Queer'

Hungry Still exhibition offers food for thought (UK)


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Maryland lawmaker: trans bill would ‘normalize abnormal behavior’

 Michael K. Lavers

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ezs note: Come November, is there anyone in Maryland willing to take on Crazy Kathy?  C'mon... anyone?

First LGBT-related film fest to be held at MSU

Amanda Dyslin

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Seacoast Outright called a 'lifeline' for youth

 Deborah McDermott

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ezs note: If you love Portsmouth, love it even more... send a few bucks to Seacoast Outright!

Downingtown adopts ordinance against LBGT discrimination

 Ginger Dunbar

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Bryan, Texas

Credit: www.shipwreckbcs.com