28 December 2019

Gabon - Gabon passes law criminalizing gays

Heather Cassell
Bay Area Reporter

Libreville, Gabon

please press:  www.ebar.com

civil rights - Civil Rights Groups: The “Fairness for All” Act is an Affront to Existing Civil Rights Protections

Lucas Acosta

US Capitol (interior)

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South Carolina - South Carolina Republican wants to ban transition-related care for transgender youth

John Riley

Laurens, SC

please press:  www.metroweekly.com

ezs note:  If you live in South Carolina, click in scdp.org.  If you live in South Carolina's 14th district (Laurens and surrounding area) and are really pissed off at having this idiot represent you, contact your local Democratic Party.

lead story - Transgender in Pakistan: Maya, the woman who almost broke free

M. Ilyas Khan
BBC News

Nowshera, Pakistan

please press:  www.bbc.com 

Donald Trump - A Gangster in the White House