31 August 2018

civil rights - Morrisey fights job protections for LGBT workers

Megan Osborne
Huntington Herald-Dispatch

Huntington, WV

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ezs note:  West Virginians - Yeah, I know - Joe Manchin isn't exactly peaches 'n cream, especially if you are on the liberal side of things.  But he's a damn sight better than Patrick Morrisey, who's running against Manchin.  If you can, see if you can volunteer.

Alaska - PRISM PRESS: Live Your Truth

RJ Johnson

Moose and calf outside Anchorage, AK (my friends!)

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lead story - 'Who Would Do That to a 12-Year-Old?' Transgender Oklahoma Student Speaks Out About Being Bullied by Parents

Gina Martinez

Achille, OK

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ezs note:  Please see the VICE news at the beginning of the article.