03 March 2020

civil rights - Author, transgender advocate Alex Myers tours Wyoming for book partly based on his life

Elyssa Conner
Casper Star-Tribune

Rock Springs, WY

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Iowa - Ban conversion therapy in Iowa

John S. Westefeld
Iowa City Press-Citizen

Iowa City, IA

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ezs note:  Hey, all I can tell you is that here in Connecticut, people haven't been zapped into oblivion.  I'll be happiest when all 50 states ban 'conversion therapy'. 

lead story - Rainbow Rant: Republican lawmakers aim to criminalize transgender health care

Joy Ellison

Ashville, OH

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ezs note:  Ohioans - Okay, here's what ya gotta do. Call your state representative and your state senator and urge them to kill these stupid bills.  Hey, no guarantees, but your phone call will make em' a little more nervous.  

Donald Trump - Paranoid Politics Goes Viral