30 July 2012

Let your voice be heard!

Another time for your voice to be heard!  The following are people who are represented in the location where you live.  If you don't e-write strongly for people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender... who will?

Lincoln, Arkansas - Steve Womack(R) - 3rd AR
Papillion, Nebraska - Lee Terry(R) - 2nd NE
Buffalo, New York - Louise Slaughter(D) - 28th NY
Aurora, Colorado - Ed Perlmutter(D) - 7th CO
Mountain View - Anna Eshoo(D)  - 14th CA
East Hampton - Tim Bishop - 1st NY
Muskogee, Oklahoma -  Dan Boren(D) - 2nd OK
Huntington Beach - Dana Rohrabacher (R) - 46th CA
Albany, New York - Paul Tonko(D) - 21st NY
Tomball, Texas - Michael McCaul - 10th TX
(three total below)
Arlington Heights - Peter Roskam(R) - 6th IL
     "     - Joe Walsh(R) - 8th IL
     "     - Robert Dold(R) - 10th IL

(four total below)
Baltimore, Maryland - Andy Harris(R) - 1st MD
     "     - Dutch Ruppersberger(D) - 2nd MD
     "     - John Sarbanes(D) - 3rd MD
     "     - Elijah Cummings(D) - 7th

(three total below)
Cincinnati, Ohio - Steve Chabot(R) -- 1st OH
    '     - Jean Schmidt(R) - 2nd OH
     "     - John Boehner(R) - 8th OH

Vancouver Pride Week 2012: Trans role model Jenna Talackova wants to fight for the environment (http://www.straight.com)

'It was an act of defiance that made African-American citizen Rosa Parks a civil-rights hero for refusing to give up her seat for a white passenger...'*more here*