21 May 2018

Norway - Is it difficult to be gay in the Norwegian workplace?

Nancy Bazilchuk
The Local No

Linköping University, Linköping, Norway

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civil rights - Here’s why psychiatric hospitals are so bad at helping transgender patients

Josh Israel, Danielle McLean

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ezs note:  If you are as moved as I was, do as I did and call your state Senator and State Representative and ask for more, better beds for those who desperately need them.  Thanks.   

Florida - Transgender Political Candidates Monica DePaul and Wendy Ella May Explain Their Positions on Universal Health Care

Danielle Bernstein

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ezs note:  It's a ways off (Tuesday, November 6) but whether you are in Florida, North Carolina - or anywhere - VOTE!

lead story - Despite fatwa, transgender people in Iran face harassment

Tampa Bay Times

Tehran, Iran

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VIDEO - Joshua Green, "The Devil's Bargain"

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