23 April 2019

lead story - Transgender adults have higher risk of poor health, U.S. study finds


Yamai no soshi, late 12th cent.
(author unknown)

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ezs note:  Yeah, I know.  Life sucks, but it doubly sucks when you're transgender.  Whether you've got anorexia (low fat), bulimia (overweight), smoke cigarettes, or use other harmful drugs (legal or illegal), they can seem calming.  I know firsthand.  I'm dangerously overweight - but today I'm determined to lose weight. I've gone to Weight Watchers.  I'm not trying to tout them, but please use a program that is safe and effective.  Whatever difficulties you face, I wish you the best. 

22 April 2019

civil rights - Nintendo Bans Trans Flag From Smash Bros.’ Stage Builder, Calling It a “Political Statement”

Vivian Kane
The Mary Sue

Kyoto, Japan (main office)

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Wyoming - How The Trump Administration's Transgender Troop Ban Is Affecting One Military Family

Lauren Hodges, Ailsa Chang
Wyoming Public Media

Cheyenne, WY

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lead story - Supreme Court to hear cases on sexual orientation, transgender status in the workplace

Steve Goldstein

Supreme Court (original)


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20 April 2019

civil rights - Transgender bathrooms, locker rooms: The debate in central Pennsylvania, explained

Michigan - Michigan Gym Loses Appeal In Suit Over Transgender Woman In Locker Room

lead story - Trump’s transgender military service ban is based in ‘prejudice and bigotry’

Erwin Chemerinsky
The Sacramento Bee

Sacramento, CA

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19 April 2019

Donald Trump - Warren calls on House to begin impeachment proceedings against Trump

Rebecca Shabad
NBC News

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Myanmar - Toilets with threatening auras

Nyo Ma
Myanmar Times

Naypyidaw, Myanmar

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civil rights - Queer-owned consulting firm wants to help your workplace support transgender employees

Caitlin Whyte

Rochester, NY

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Kentucky - Kentucky BBQ truck grilled for changing 'LGBTQ' meaning on Trump T-shirts

Lucas Aulbach

Williamstown, KY

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lead story - Charlize Theron confirms daughter Jackson is transgender

Francesca Bacardi
Page Six

Charlize Theron

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17 April 2019

Donald Trump - Stephen Colbert Applauds France’s Response To Donald Trump’s Notre Dame Cathedral Fire Fighting Advice

Brazil - A Transgender Volleyball Star Stirs ‘Unfounded’ Criticism In Brazil

Andrêa Martinelli

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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civil rights - Illinois parents drop lawsuit challenging transgender bathroom access


Oh, shazam...

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ezs note:  It's nice that the parents had the sense to drop the suit.  It would have been nicer if they had put it in the trash to begin with...

Kentucky - Bowling Green rejects anti-discrimination ordinance protecting LGBTQ residents

lead story - The biggest thing critics continually get wrong about transgender athletes competing in women's sports

16 April 2019

civil rights - Examining Transgender Civil Rights

New York - Five harsh facts of transgender life in New York City

Zach Williams
New York Nonprofit Media

New York City, NY
Rockefeller Center

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lead story - Man was offered $200 to beat transgender woman: cops

Joshua Rhett Miller
New York Post

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Aftermath of Notre-Dame (VIDEO)

Credit:  ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohqojil0yo8

14 April 2019

Donald Trump - Could Bernie Sanders really be elected president? There's a narrow but plausible pathway

Matthew Rozsa

ezs note:  Sure, Bernie's a bit of a longshot... but Trump does something colossally stupid every... single... day.  I have great faith in his oafishness. 

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Zimbabwe - LEAD Reclaims People’s Revolution


Harare, Zimbabwe

please press:  www.zimeye.net

ezs note:  Things may be too early to tell... but it looks like life will be a little better...

civil rights - Transgender Rights Activist Sarah McBride to Give Talk at Rutgers–Camden

Stefanie Charles
Rutgers-Camden News Now

Camden, NJ
Rutgers-Camden University

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Virginia - Transgender Bathrooms: A Local Matter?

Dan Brendel
Alexandria Gazette-Packet

Alexandria, VA

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lead story - Police determining if assault on transgender woman a hate crime

12 April 2019

Paraguay - Paraguay's LGBT community feels outcast amid conservative shift: 'We are forgotten'

Daniela Desantis

Asuncíon, Paraguay

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Alexandra Hutzler

'Secretary' of Education Betsy DeVos

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Maryland - Baltimore City schools board passes policy protecting transgender students

Colin Campbell
The Baltimore Sun

Baltimore, MD

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lead story - Stop pretending the transgender ban isn’t a ban

11 April 2019

Donald Trump - Trump’s sister quietly retired in February, and it’s actually a really big deal

Matthew Yglesias

Maryanne Trump Barry

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Italy - WCF Verona: Where the 'Wind of Change' Marked a Sea Change in Hate Group's Strategy

Southern Poverty Law Center

Verona, Italy

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civil rights - Attorneys: Honduran transgender migrant unlawfully detained

San Francisco Chronicle

Albuquerque, NM

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New Hampshire - HB 446: Allow trans, non-binary people to correct birth records

Palana Belken

Dover, NH

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lead story - Trump’s Transgender Ban Brings Chaos and ‘a Lot of Fear’ to Troops’ Families

Samantha Allen
Daily Beast

San Antonio, TX

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10 April 2019

LIVE - Donald Trump's brain!

Donald Trump - Trump’s ‘truly bizarre’ visit to Mt. Vernon

Eliana Johnson, Daniel Lippman


ezs note:  Can Connecticut go to another country?  Please? We'll be good...

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Cuba - Cuba begins distributing PrEP through pilot program

Michael K. Lavers
Washington Blade

Havana, Cuba

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civil rights - DeVos defends controversial guidance on transgender students

Avery Anapol
The Hill

please press:  thehill.com

Rhode Island - Vella-Wilkinson bill would extend benefits to gay, transgender veterans without honorable discharges

lead story - 'Very Important Precedent:' Russian Court Rules Transgender Woman Was Fired Illegally


St. Petersburg, Russia

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ezs note:  In North America and Western Europe, this is somewhat routine, but in Russia this is HUGE. Congratulations, Ms. Grigoryeva!