08 April 2020

Illinois - Transgender judicial candidate Jill Rose Quinn declares victory in her Cook County judicial candidate primary bid. She could be Illinois’ first transgender elected official.

Gregory Pratt
Chicago Tribune

Cook County, IL

please press:  www.chicagotribune.com

lead story - Indonesia Police Will Not Bring Murder Charges in Case of Transgender Woman Burned to Death

US News & World Report

Jakarta, Indonesia

please press:  www.usnews.com  

Donald Trump - The Trump administration blames Covid-19 black mortality rates on poor health. It should blame its policies.

things for all of us to think about!

ezs note:  This is a wonderful GIF that shows what happens when we ALL are vigilant and cooperative against coronavirus.  Please spread around widely.  

07 April 2020

Indiana - Reversal: Transgender name change permitted; trial court admonished for disrespect

Katie Stancombe
Indiana Lawyer

Newton County Courthouse
Kentland, IN

please press:  www.theindianalawyer.com

lead story - IACHR finds Peru responsible for arbitrary detention and rape of transgender woman

Valeria Negron

Lima, Peru

please press:  www.jurist.org

Donald Trump - Acting Navy secretary resigns over handling of virus-stricken aircraft carrier

Lara Seligman

Thomas Modly

please press:  www.politico.com

06 April 2020

Donald Trump - See the question Trump wouldn't let Dr. Fauci answer

Got it!

ezs note:  I did it!  Last night, I entered into my first YouTube document.  It was a little late, but from now on they'll start at 8 pm. (ET) If you want to see the latest go to YouTube, type in emilysvirtualrocket.blogspot.com and you should see a pic, I will make a new video... but sooner if  you leave comments.  (hint, hint!)

05 April 2020

civil rights - Justice Department says Title IX should exclude transgender female athletes

John Riley

Hartford, CT
William R. Cotter Federal Building

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Minnesota - UMD speech clinic now offers group-based trans voice therapy

Andee Erickson
Duluth News Tribune

Esko, MN

please press:  www.duluthnewstribune.com

lead story - Panama transgender community worried over virus gender rules

Donald Trump - Trump's coronavirus mismanagement again undercuts his CEO image

04 April 2020

Donald Trump - Trump put American lives in China's hands

Samantha Vinograd

The White House, hard at work

please press:  www.cnn.com 


ezs note:  I thought I would get to talk earlier, but such is not the case.  I'll try at 9 pm. 

A new experiment!

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03 April 2020

civil rights - The Transgender Community Needs More than Visibility

Aimee Stephens

Detroit, MI

please press:  www.aclu.org

Connecticut - Trans high school athlete Andraya Yearwood: ‘We will all overcome this together, in spirit’

Andraya Yearwood

Cromwell, CT

please press:  www.outsports.com

lead story - Hungary Seeks to Ban Legal Gender Recognition for Transgender People

Lydia Gall
Human Rights Watch

Fertȍ-Hanság  National Park, Hungary

please press:  www.hrw.org 

Donald Trump - ‘It's a sh-- sandwich': Republicans rage as Florida becomes a nightmare for Trump

Gary Fineout, Marc Caputo

please press:  www.politico.com

02 April 2020

civil rights - Idaho’s New Anti-Transgender Laws Are a Trans Day of Visibility Disgrace

Lucy Diavolo
Teen Vogue

Transgender Day Of Visibility

please press:  www.teenvogue.com

Mississippi - Mississippi lawmakers considering transgender athlete policy

Courtney Ann Jackson

Picayune, MS

please press:  www.wmcactionnews5.com

lead story - City councilman praises Idaho transgender legislation, calls Yakima Pride leader "an idiot"

Lex Talamo
Yakima Herald-Republic

Yakima, WA

please press:  www.yakimaherald.com 

ezs note:  Y'know, Jason White is right.  No matter how knuckle-dragging, moronic, airheaded views he has, he does have the right to express them.  However, YOU have the right to send his ass packing come Election Day.  Organize! 

Donald Trump - Trump campaign sends letter to Sessions demanding he stop invoking Trump

Kaitlan Collins, Sarah Westwood

The White House, hard at work

please press:  /www.cnn.com 

More Covid-19 (coronavirus) information


Credit:  https://link.ksat.com/view/5ba526a9954fcf34c21a0e52buot0.d3w/ad134664

ezs note:  Here is a more thorough information on COVID-19 (coronavirus)  You can find it here

In case you find yourself a little too relaxed, just remember that COVID-19 was found in my apartment building!!!  Be safe. 

As always, please feel free to distribute this information widely.  WHO and CDC are working triple-time to give you the latest, so it only makes sense to take of it.  

01 April 2020

civil rights - Over the objections of religious groups, Virginia is poised to mandate nondiscriminatory care for transgender patients

Kate Masters
12 On Your Side

please press:  www.nbc12.com  

Tennessee - Lesbian couple in Tennessee claim gym teacher forced their son to attend anti-gay Bible study sessions

John Riley

Andrew Johnson Building
Knoxville, TN

please press:  www.metroweekly.com

lead story - Idaho governor signs into law anti-transgender legislation

NBC News

Wilder, ID

please press:  www.nbcnews.com

ezs note:  Idahoans - now that Brad Little has taken on the utterly stupid move against transgender people, it's time for him to lose his job.  I'm not gonna kid you.  It's a very tough road.  But it's not impossible if you're organized, diligent, thoughtful and have a very, very, tough hide.

Donald Trump - Pence seeks to blame CDC and China for any delay in US coronavirus response -- not Trump's initial failure to face reality

Betsy Klein, Kevin Liptak, Maegan Vazquez

ezs note:  You're right, Donald... fantasy is wonderful!  

please press:  www.cnn.com  

30 March 2020

civil rights - Lorena Borjas, Pioneering Transgender Latina Activist in NYC, Dies From COVID-19

NBC News

Goodbye, Lorena... 😔

please press:  www.nbcnewyork.com

ezs note:  Do you have what it takes to pick up the fallen torch of Lorena?  If you have the skills and the moxie to do some of her work, please consider doing some of her work.  Thanks.


Lorena Borjas

Rhode Island - Student Advocacy Spurs New Queer Studies Minor

Rhode Island College

Horace Mann Hall
Providence, RI

please press:  www.ric.edu

lead story - Being Visible on International Transgender Day of Visibility

Erica Allie Mack
Samsung Newsroom (US)

Laverne Cox

please press:  news.samsung.com

ezs note:  I know that with the spread of Covid-19 (coronavirus) it might not be possible for you to get out and about.  But a better day will come, and we will all celebrate your Day of Visibility.  (safely, of course)

Donald Trump - Fact check: Trump falsely denies saying two things he said last week

Daniel Dale, Tara Subramaniam

Pinocchio, by Carlo Chiostri (1901)

please press:  www.cnn.com

29 March 2020

civil rights - Lawmakers end session with much unsettled

Nathan Brown

Idaho State Capitol
Boise, ID

please press:  www.kpvi.com

Delaware - A conversation on gender equity in the workplace with Sarah McBride

lead story - Four Major Employers Join 40 Others Opposing State-Based Anti-Transgender Legislation


Hamdi Ulukaya

please press:  www.hrc.org

Donald Trump - This Anti-Trump Ad Made Him Cry (video)

28 March 2020

civil rights - Drive on to protect transgender rights

Maddy O'Callahan
Spartan Newsroom

Lansing, Michigan

please press:  news.jrn.msu.edu

Oregon - Advocates, families and transgender students push for progress in Oregon schools

Natalie Pate

South Salem, OR (neighborhood) 

please press: www.registerguard.com 

lead story - Transgender woman fatally stabbed in the neck in Harlem

Thomas Tracy
Daily News

New York City, NY

please press:  www.nydailynews.com

ezs note:  Unfortunately, the name of the woman who was slain is not named in the article, but if you were near East 128th Street and 3rd Avenue and witnessed this event, please call the New York Police Department at NYC311.

Donald Trump - The missing six weeks: how Trump failed the biggest test of his life

Ed Pilkington, Tom McCarthy
The Guardian

RMS Lusitania, shortly before her sinking (1915)

please press:  www.theguardian.com

26 March 2020

civil rights - Republicans are using the pandemic to push anti-abortion and anti-trans agendas

Katelyn Burns

Austin, TX

please press:  www.vox.com

Delaware - Underwear as empowerment: Delaware design student aims to fill a need for trans women

Barbara Goldberg


Newark, DE

please press:  www.reuters.com

lead story - Pakistan Official Supports Transgender Community Amid COVID-19

Kyle Knight
Human Rights Watch

Islamabad, Pakistan

please press:  www.hrw.org

Donald Trump - Trump Wants to ‘Reopen America.’ Here’s What Happens if We Do.

Nicholas Kristof, Stuart A. Thompson
The New York Times

please press:  www.nytimes.com