30 May 2019

civil rights - Yes, the Civil Rights Act does protect gay and trans Americans

Evan Wolfson
The Hill

US Capitol (interior)

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Alabama - LGBTQ Visibility Isn’t Just Educational, It Is Vital Education

Gary Wright II

Montgomery, AL

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civil rights - Three transgender women challenge portion of Pennsylvania’s name-change law

Valerie Russ
The Inquirer

Harrisburg, PA

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29 May 2019

Donald Trump - Mueller speaks about the Russia investigation (among many, many others)

Meg Wagner, Amanda Wills, Brian Ries

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Romania/US - U.S. Embassy awards seven Women of Courage in Romania

civil rights - The Democrats’ Neglect of Transgender Rights

Casey Quinlan
The New Republic

Mahoning County Courthouse

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Maine - Maine officially bans gay conversion therapy

Aris Folley
The Hill

Farmington, ME

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ezs note:  ♩Another one bites the dust... ♬ (Yay!)

lead story - New Gillette ad shows dad teaching transgender son how to shave

Aimee Picchi
CBS News

Gillette ad, 1953

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27 May 2019

Puerto Rico - Puerto Rico Activists Criticize Religious Freedom, Conversion Therapy Bills

civil rights - Donald Trump Campaigned as a President for LGBTQ Americans. But He Keeps Rolling Back Protections for Them

Arizona - How a transgender character changed when a trans actor was hired for the role

Kerry Lengel

Phoenix, AZ

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lead story - These transgender soldiers are still allowed to serve. They want to prove their detractors wrong

Emanuella Grinberg

Colorado Springs, CO
Peterson AFB

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26 May 2019

Coming Out The LGBT Cultural Revolution before Stonewall (video)

ezs note:  Short, but very good. See it if you can.

Donald Trump - Why Trump’s Stonewalling Legal Strategy Will Keep Failing

Liberia/Costa Rica - From the Street to the Classroom: How Two Trans Women Relaunched Their Studies

Noelia Esquivel
Voice Of Guanacaste

Monrovia, Liberia

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civil rights - Thousands of immigrants suffer in solitary confinement in U.S. detention centers

Hannah Rappleye etc.
NBC News

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ezs note:  Oh, loverly.  It seems that Donald Trump and Barack Obama have bloody hands on this one.  (Though to his credit, Obama did ban the use of solitary confinement for juveniles)  But it's not damned enough.  I think that there so many abuses, it's time to abolish solitary confinement altogether. Please, if you agree with me on this, send an e-letter to your Congressperson and both of your Senators.  (Remember, on the federal level, you have two.)  

Hawaii - Hawaii's Remarkable Women: Hinaleimoana Kwai Kong Wong

lead story - Why violence against transgender Americans is a crisis that’s under reported

25 May 2019

Donald Trump - Trump’s Public Enemies List Is an Impeachable Offense

David R. Lurie
The Daily Beast

ezs note:  Deja vu, all over again...

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Kenya - Kenya: Court Upholds Archaic Anti-Homosexuality Laws

Human Rights Watch

Nairobi, Kenya

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civil rights - Cuomo Blasts Trump Admin’s Rollback Of Transgender Health Care Protections

Kentucky - Kentucky City Rejects Anti-Discrimination Ordinance


Bowling Green, KY

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ezs note:  I don't know if Kentucky has local elections the same as Connecticut does, but if so, maybe Bowling Green should send three of their Commissioners packing.  (and maybe that means you

lead story - Protesters demand end to killings of transgender women, Trump rollbacks

Daniel Trotta

New York City, NY
Washington Square Park

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23 May 2019

Donald Trump - Trump talks 'Crazy Nancy' Pelosi and treason at wild press conference

Jonathan Allen
NBC News

Washington DC


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civil rights - While the Trump administration backtracks, Colorado is plowing forward on transgender rights

Oregon - Parents sue Woodburn schools after teacher educates son about being transgender

Whitney Woodworth
Statesman Journal

Woodburn, OR

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ezs note:  Hey, I agree with the parents.  After all, school is for ignorance.  After all, isn't that what school is for?


lead story - HUD proposes rule critics say would roll back protections for transgender homeless

Veronica Straqualursi

Washington DC
HUD building

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22 May 2019

civil rights - Remembering a transgender activist who taught Iowans to live authentically without fear

Rekha Basu
Des Moines Register

Des Moines, IA

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ezs note:  Rest in peace, Casey...

Montana - Political commissioner ends year-old complaint against Montana Family Foundation

Tom Lutey
Ravalli Republic

Helena, MT

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ezs note:  Whatever the reason, it's really too bad that the Commissioner of Political Practices is dropping the lawsuit against the Montana 'Family' Foundation.  (read:  do it our way, or else)  Perhaps the Montana ACLU can pick up some of the slack.  (hint, hint!)  

lead story - Dallas police looking into similarities in cases of 2 transgender women fatally shot, third stabbed

Ryan W. Miller
USA Today

Dallas, TX

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20 May 2019

Algeria/UK - The Artist Kader Attia Mocks Colonial History, then Heals Its Effects

Heba Elkayal
Al-Fanar Media

Algiers, Algeria
Notre Dame d'Afrique

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civil rights - Transgender girl grows advocacy efforts

Hadley Barndollar

Kittery, ME

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New Jersey - Newark police offer protections for transgender suspects

J.L. Gaynor
Out In Jersey

Newark, NJ
Krueger-Scott Mansion

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lead story - Transgender woman assaulted by 'mob' last month killed in Texas

Tim Stelloh
NBC News

Dallas, TX
Bishop Arts District

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16 May 2019

15 May 2019

civil rights - There’s A Growing Rift On The Religious Right About How To Deal With LGBT People

Dominic Holden
BuzzFeed News

Baikal Rift Zone

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New Jersey - New Jersey Joins Sister States in Opposition to Transgender Military Ban

lead story - This opera singer says the ‘hype’ should be on her voice, not her transgender identity

Chloe Veltman

Don Giovanni

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