11 June 2014

Who will make the change?

Credit:  oneoldvet.com

By now, Americans and those around the world who are political buffs are shocked by Eric Cantor's loss.  What happened to him?  There are those among the pundits who say the major issue is immigration, but I think it's more than that.  I think that there was a deep disaffection among the vox populi , and immigration was just the fuse which blew Cantor's chances.

However, this is really moot, since Cantor's chances are those of a beached whale.

I think you have a much better chance.  From a gay man beaten by thugs in the Motor City, to a transgender woman forced into slavery for two years, to a dimwitted Congressman from Texas spewing forth his garbage, to a candidate in Oklahoma who likes the idea of stoning LGBTQ people to death (it's in the bible, you know), I'd be highly pissed myself.

But first you have to be enrolled.

And then you have to vote.

C'mon, you can make a difference.  And maybe change the world.

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ezs note:  Awwww...what a cute couple!  Oh, wait... they're pastors... riiiight...


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