13 April 2016

Big-name Missouri businesses oppose religious objections law

Summer Ballentine
Missouri Lawyers Weekly

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Local transgender woman says Transpo employee discriminated against her

Danielle Kennedy

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Halifax theatre alters Shrek musical after transgender person walks out (Canada)

Keith Doucette
CFJC Today

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WATCH: Young Saskatchewan boy responds after Alberta mom raps criticism of transgender guidelines (Canada)

Caley Ramsay
Global News

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Federal law dooms transgender bathroom bans: Column

Jillian T. Weiss
USA Today

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Bernie Sanders: The Daily News interview

To my friends in New York, California and other states deciding in the primary:  I urge you to read the entirety of the Daily News interview with Bernie Sanders.  No, not the rag that is printed on the masthead.  That's too cheap n' easy.  It's the one next to the "please press" button.  Will you agree with Bernie on every issue?  Nope.  But no president, from Washington on down, has ever agreed with the prospective president on every jot and tittle.  Those of us who are transgender folks need to know that this primary is vital.  Thank you very much.

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