22 June 2013

Mom hopes transgender child will help others ‘be free’

 Francine Kopun

N.Y. Senate adjourns without considering transgender protections bill


Report: One-third of SF's homeless identify as gay


ezs note:  One-third of homeless are GLBT.  Think of that.  Then do two things:  make a donation to your local GLBT chapter.  Second, DEMAND that permanent and temporary housing be built for our homeless friends.  You can make a difference!

Settlement reached in transgender bathroom case


20 June 2013

19 June 2013

Elizabeth Warren for POTUS?  Hmmmm...

Credit:  media.npr.org

In the last election, Barack Obama was my choice.  Still is.  On the whole,  I believe he is a good choice.

But on those times the President gets a little fudgy, someone needs to hold his feet to the fire.  Unfortunately, not too many Democratic Senators are willing to do this.

Elizabeth Warren is a refreshing exception.

When Barack Obama nominated people who were just a bit too cozy with Wall Street, she didn't passively let it go by.  She said, hey Barack, you gotta do better than this.

Early on, I believe that Elizabeth Warren might be a good president.  I know what she must be thinking.  Being a senator really isn't all that bad.  Despite its trappings, the White House is a place of a million headaches.

I respect that.  But before you brush aside the idea, at least give it a second thought.  If nothing else, it'll give those outside the commonwealth of Massachusetts a chance to vote for you!

16 June 2013

New York, New York


Happy Father's Day... here's what's happening... New York, New York... Stony Brook, New York... Basking Ridge, New Jersey... Milwaukee, Wisconsin... Roseburg, Oregon... Bergen, Hordaland, Norway... Naperville, Illinois... Greenville, Pennsylvania... Boston, Massachusetts...

Islamabad, Pakistan...Lingfield, Surrey, England, UK... Bellevue, Nebraska... Lahaina, Hawaii... Panama City, Panama... Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia... Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada... Glenhaven, New South Wales, Australia...  Glasgow, Glasgow City, Scotland, UK... Barrow,

Cumbria, England, UK... Beaverton, Oregon... Hamm, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany... South Shields, South Tyneside, England, UK... Woodland Hills, California... Roseville, Michigan... Louisville, Kentucky..,.  New Boston, New Hampshire... Deerfield, Illinois... Pacifica, California...

Wilmington, Delaware... Villa Park, Illinois...Silver Spring, Maryland...

Hey, you dads out there... make everyone out there proud of you!



SCOTUS alert

Tomorrow might be a humongous day.  The Supreme Court of the United States of America might be deciding, first, whether gays and lesbians are unfairly taxed, and second, whether gays and lesbians should have the right to marry nationwide.  (Let's hope they choose "yes" on both!) In any case, I'll be watching carefully.  Hope we win!

Transgender girl wins right to use girls' toilets

Alys Francis

ezs note:  Good for you, Emma!

15 June 2013

Hormone therapy to halt puberty safe, effective in transgender adolescents


ezs note:  This is, indeed, a promising hormone therapy for adolescents.  However, it is still in its infancy.  If you are undergoing experiences, either positive or negative, please let me know.       

Wedding bells to ring at Baltimore Pride Festival


Social Security Allows Transgender People To Change Gender Records Without Reassignment Surgery

 Sarah Rae Fruchtnicht

To all my African-American friends, happy Juneteenth!

Frederick Douglass 1818 - 1895

Credit:  politic365.com

First Ever San Mateo County Pride Celebration in Central Park

 Laura Dudnick

14 June 2013

10 June 2013

Syracuse celebrates LGBT pride by raising rainbow flag over city hall


Lex & Terry Issue Apology For Transgender Remark


*more here*

New London mayor, husband invited to White House


ACT NOW -- Transgender Rights for Ireland

Sara R. Phillips

Dress code loosened for transgender ID photos

Tanatpong Kongsai
(Thailand - different publication)

Michigan's first gay couple, married by Odawa tribe, invited to White House

Brandon Hubbard

09 June 2013

Christine Quinn Offers Self-Defense Classes


ezs note:  Don't you become another tragic statistic!  In New York City, the cost is free!  To find out if your city or town is doing the same, check your phone book.  There are also literally thousands of private self-defense classes you can call.  Don't delay - call today!

Israeli model shows LGBT support with urinal photo


SheZow, the Transgender Heroine That Isn’t

 David  Perry

ezs note:  Yeah, I like comics.  Especially manga. To see a good example of transgender manga that is very similar to "SheZow", go to mangafox.me/directory and look up "Ore to Hero to Mahou Shoujo". I think that you'll find the themes very similar.  (although s/he is a bit older) 

Motor City Pride gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender festival at Hart Plaza


Boston Pride Marches on, Rain or Shine


08 June 2013

Cuba’s gay and transgendered population in the open


Ivy Bottini Honored, Palms Bar Saluted as Dyke March Kicks Off Gay Pride 2013

 Dan Watson

Transgender Updates - Washington DC, Delaware, US Military


High court to hear arguments in transgender bathroom case next week

 Judy Harrison

Transgender activist alleges sexual assault

Bosco Dominique

Sevenoaks, Kent, England, UK

Credit: socialgo


Summertime, summertime, sum, sum, summertime (well, almost, anyway!)  Here',s what's happening... Sevenoaks, Kent, England, UK... Burlington, Ontario, Canada... Makati, Manila, Philippines... Flensburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany... Clifton, New Jersey... Victoria, British
Columbia, Canada... Atlanta, Georgia...  Coazze, Piemonte, Italy... Marion, Illinois... Mountain View, California...Warwick, New York... Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada... Stony Brook, New York...   Cape Coral, Florida... San Luis Obispo, California... Park Ridge, Illinois...Washington,
District of Columbia... Cardiff, Wales, UK... Surrey, British Columbia, Canada... Auckland, New Zealand... Anchorage, Alaska... Chillicothe, Illinois... Chicago, Illinois... Upminster, Havering, England, UK...  Figueira Da Foz, Coimbra, Portugal... Los Angeles, California... Buffalo, New
York... Godoy Cruz, Mendoza, Argentina... Carpi, Emilia-Romagna, Italy... Suwon, Kyonggi-do, South Korea... Carpi, Emilia-Romagna, Italy...West Hartford, Connecticut... Diamond Bar, California... Saint Louis, Missouri ... Fort Lauderdale, Florida... Lehi, Utah...

Hey, on your way to the beach, put this in your mailbox!



05 June 2013

Del. Senate panel eyes gender identity bill


Gender-neutral bathrooms promote transgender acceptance

Setareh Baig

McCormack & Associates Celebrates 20th Anniversary with New Name – Diversity Search Consultants are First Retained Search Firm to Embrace the Transgender Community


Coeur d'Alene adopts law banning discrimination vs. gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender


Pa. School Graduation Won’t Use Transgender Name


04 June 2013

2013 Lambda Literary Award Winners Announced


Delaware's Attorney General Beau Biden wants legal protections for transgender people


4 Bills Congress Can Enact This Year to Prevent LGBT Youth Homelessness

Katie Miller

ezs note: You can make a difference!  Look at your ZIP code, and then enter it in the space provided at www.house.gov. When you find the correct representative, e-write her/him in favor of the four bills mentioned in the article.  It's that simple!

A Broken Bargain for LGBT Workers

Crosby Burns and Ineke Mushovic

A Navy SEAL's biggest secret: Life as a transgender

Doug Stanglin

03 June 2013

Transgender Gay Man Savagely Beaten in Hollywood


ezs note:  This sickening, appalling, beating of a transgender man (Victor Diego) must not go unpunished!!!  If you live in Los Angeles, or travel through the area and have seen something, please, please call the LAPD tipline, which is 800-222-TIPS (800-222-8477).  Thanks.

02 June 2013

Transgenders demand representation in parliament 


If the RAF can accept my gender transition, why can't the media?

Ayla Holdom

Ohio trans teen allowed to graduate in female robes


Gender identity proves new territory for schools and harassment policies


Entertainers mourn Jean Stapleton: 'A great actress and a wonderful lady'

Greg Botelho
*more here*

ezs note:  Jean Stapleton, who played Edith Bunker on CBS's 'All in the Family' , was truly a remarkable actress.  In one of the most memorable episodes, Edith befriends a transgender woman, only to have her friend murdered.  This causes a serious loss of faith in Edith. 

We have lost a dear friend and staunch ally.  Rest in peace, Jean.

01 June 2013


Sheesh... what a difference a week makes! Here's what's happening... Monroe, New York...  Omaha, Nebraska... Bialystok, Podlaskie, Poland... Stony Brook, New York... Apopka, Florida... Burbank, California... Silver City, New Mexico... Chicago, Illinois... Mumbai, Maharashtra, India...Tampa, Florida... Bondi, New South Wales, Australia... London, England, UK... Kiev, Kyyiv, Ukraine... Mountain View, California... Boston, Massachusetts... West Hartford, Connecticut... Kenosha, Wisconsin... Grand Prairie, Texas... Los Angeles, California... Mason, Michigan... New Philadelphia, Ohio... Stoughton, Massachusetts... Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada... Bilbao, Pais Vasco, Spain... Santa Clara, California... Louisville, Kentucky... Aurora, Colorado... Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland... Hamilton, New Zealand... Gilroy, California... Odenville, Alabama... Naperville, Illinois...  Pleasantville, New Jersey... Saint-parres-aux-tertres, Champagne-Ardenne, France...

It's you who makes a brighter day!