16 November 2013


We all know that, for better or worse, that the United States is a patchwork of 50 states.  For those of us who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender, we think that we know that the Southern states are the worst of the worst.  We know the South will fire an employee at will, but not us - we enlightened folks up North won't do such a thing.

Oh, really?  So this means Michigan is part of the South?
Yep, really.  If you are LGB or T, and your boss hates gays etc., you better keep things secret, 'cause if you don't, you're out of luck.  Hope you enjoy the unemployment line.

Do yourself a favor.  E-write your Congressperson, and tell her/him that things must change.  One's status as a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender should not be a fireable "offense".

East Lansing, Michigan   Mike Rogers (R)   MI8
Wilson, North Carolina  G. K. Butterfield (D)   NC1
Livermore, California   Eric Swalwell (D)   CA15
Clifton Park, New York   Paul Tonko (D)  NY20
Germansville, Pennsylvania   Charlie Dent (R) PA15
Tampa, Florida   Kathy Castor (D)   FL14
Santa Fe, New Mexico   Ben Ray Lujan (D)   NM3
Lancaster, Pennsylvania    Joe Pitts (R)  PA16
Loudon, Tennessee   John J. Duncan (R)   TN2
Farmingdale, New York   Pete King (R)   NY2

The Congresspeople are selected at random. If you live in one of cities or towns, just press the appropriate name, and you will be transported to your appropriate Congressperson.  If not, go to www.house.gov and enter your ZIP code in the upper right corner.  If you live in a very large city, or live in an area where two districts intersect, it might be best to have the ZIP+4 code.  (example: 12345-6789)  You can find this on most mail you receive.  Thanks.

East Lansing, Michican

Credit: img2.10bestmedia.com/