31 July 2011

Kids challenge gender identity earlier - and get support (seattletimes)

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Wow... it's really hard to believe that it's been a year.  That I've worked on it for so long.  That I've kept it going, even during the dry times. That I've kept it going at all.

A few weeks ago, there was a piece of information about a hospital in Indiana.  A year ago, some hospital workers, in their infinite "wisdom", decided to call a woman there a "he-she" and a "it".  When hospital administrators found out about this, this hospital changed its tune, big time.  Today, this hospital is a model for others in Indiana, the nation, and the world for compassion, care, and proactive  vision.  Lives are being saved.

You are making this happen.

A few years ago, New York, even with a Democratic majority at the time, failed to approve a marriage equality bill.  Now, even with a Republican majority, the Senate approved the bill they had previously failed to pass.

You are making this happen.

I am happy.  Deliriously, wonderfully happy. There are a few things that make me even happier, though.  For the most part,the "comment" section is silent.  Even a few sentences would turn this into more of a conversation.

Also, when you e-write the President, Senator, Congressperson, Governor, state Senate or Representative, let me know!  Even a line or two helps.  The same goes for anywhere else in the world.

For all of you who have e-listened in the past year, thank you so, so, much.  The way things are going, there will be even more in store!