05 December 2014

See me as my true self: Powerful photos capture transgender men and women as they undergo sex changes amid fierce discrimination in Cuba (UK)

Annabel Fenwick Elliott
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A vile myth reemerges: How the New York Times fumbled an important LGBT story

Pastor calls for killing gays to end AIDS

Tram Mai
please press:  http://www.firstcoastnews.com

A time for Salem to speak up

Carolyn McMillan

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Transgender Woman Shot, Killed While Pounding on Door of South L.A. Home for Help

Kennedy Ryan and Kimberly Cheng
please press:  http://ktla.com

ezs note:  Sigh... another one... sadly, Deshawnda Sanchez was gunned down.  If you live in southern LA, please, don't be silent!  Call the LAPD immediately!!!