10 January 2019

civil rights - Idaho appeals ruling mandating that they provide sex reassignment surgery to transgender inmate

Josh Kelety

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ezs note:  Ah, I see.  We can take Donald Trump's moronic, idiotic wall for 18.46 dollars, or we can take a proven therapy for 2 cents. (rounded to nearest cent)

But we can't have that.  That would make sense. (sources - Wikipedia)

Alabama - Alabama woman becomes first trans person reported killed in 2019

Abbey Crain

Hope Hull, AL

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ezs note:  If you have any information regarding the killing of Dana Martin, please contact the Montgomery police department at 334-625-2532.  Thanks.

lead story - Jennifer Pritzker: I'm a transgender Republican, but my party is marginalizing me out of existence

Jennifer Pritzker
Chicago Tribune

Jennifer Pritzker

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